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  • Chilled yet professional working environment

  •  The warm sound of wood

  •  Trident mixing desk

  •  PMC monitors

  •  Great selection of keyboards

  •  Nice range of vintage outboard

  •  Awesome massage chair!

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The live room


The live room is an acoustically versatile space in which musicians can create a fully live performance without sacrificing audio quality and minimising microphone spill.

In its natural live state, the room’s oak floor creates a warm ambience which is great for drums. The controllable sandstone walls can also add presence and even anger to drums. The space can easily be made controllable using our absorbers and diffusers.

There is a dedicated vocal booth as well as three other booths for guitar and bass amps, which keep the signal paths clean.

In essence, this is a perfect environment for a whole band to record together.


floor plan

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